Sunday, January 29, 2012

Siddha Vaithiam

Many chronic diseases, considered incurable in western medicine, can be treated successfully with Siddha medicine. Most medicines are for the most part natural and processed in such a way as to be readily absorbed within each cell in the body, giving it proper nourishment to sustain a long and healthy life. Healthy cells within the body can reproduce new cells that are just as healthy, thus slowing the process of aging from the inside out. 
The beauty in Siddha Medicine is that it rejuvenates the worn out tissues  and prolongs our age.
 When  we eat selective foods  proportionally, every day at the proper time it  gives us the energy  to fight back the sickness as though we take  medicines . When we need any anti bio tic our Siddhars had defined many herbal combination of decoctions .
We  can always combine some herbs and boil and drink; of course those  recommended for particular sicknesses . Even the herbs consist of 6 tastes. When we fulfill the taste we lack in our body  the  chemistry  of our body will become  normal -free from sickness.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Siddha vaithiam 2 7-6-10

Our Siddhars vere very clever in defining many things. They wrote on the palm leaves so that it wont decay or rot. They carved on stones; so that they won't disappear.
 Our forefathers followed the steps of the saints. When they say something which we felt not logical was meaningful . When we think of some things which our ancesters followed  blindly  were all meaningful and can be prooved scientificaly now.
So we respect our ancestors and parents  by trying to understand the ways and life of Siddars.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


My dear friends  i would like to open a small path about Siddha Vaithiam for those youngsters of today. Many people are keen on learning and knowing about it. But alas! nobody is willing to open the secret of the saints gifts.

 The history of Siddha medicine dates into the prehistoric period  and ancient medical literature of Agasthiar and other Siddhars which exist today  are only compendiams of older treatise  that existed before. It may be handed over from Guru to deciple. Its origin and development is a matter of very remote antiquity. The period of Siddhars could not be fixed accurately but they existed even before the birth of Christ and the ancient reading says before 5000 years.
 by vaithiar